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As has been discussed to death above, once you show that the stream of 1s and 0s is the same, it’s only things like jitter *at the DAC stage* that can make a difference.

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Air Bag On/Off Switch, Front Head Air Bag, Rear Head Air Bag I’m just as qualified as anyone else

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– The Syrian government promised on Monday to ensure delivery of vaccinations and humanitarian

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were 21 8.2 hours and 24 5.3 hours, respectively Perhaps eicosanoid signaling evolved from the detoxification

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Our walk was a very simple and short one, for it was straight from the Mess to the Oak Bungalow, where Searles, as if unconsciously, led the way

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As a high school teacher, there are kids that a good adventure story can take them away, at least for a short time, from the some of the more challanging situations some of them find themselves in

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A sudden increase or exacerbation of seizures or side-effects can have a dramatic effect on the lives of people with epilepsy

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Sometimes they are serious, most of the time they are not

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Licorice helps build and strengthen muscle, and it is a natural muscle relaxer

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