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by the EU, however, will not eliminate trade barriers, as pharmaceutical products from the EU already
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At this point in time, they can not be included in the blue box program, but Hartland Landfill will accept up to 2 large bags of styrofoam per visit
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that you need to walk when you're doing epidemiological investigations," said Barbara Kowalcyk, founder
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has dropped 23.87% during the last 3-month period
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Plus, with out some risk cost sharing by the passenger the airlines could quite rightly decide they can't afford to carry some bag because the replacement value isn't worth the risk.
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In zittingszaal A, waar de behandeling van de zaak plaatsvindt, is beperkt plaats beschikbaar voor publiek
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Most people who are prescribed statin drugs believe that they are at serious risk for heart disease if they have “elevated” cholesterol
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