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The treatment and cure of a typical case of drug-sensitive TB currently takes between six and nine months

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500 per 100 patients—$6/d would have been $5400 per 100 patients, which in fact is the figure

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Its focus is on developing and managing an extensive and economically diverse portfolio of commercial initiatives

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In contrast to labeling, advertising, as a lower involvement, less targeted communication medium, is ill-suited to carry detailed information

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Cup after Rory and Tony Underwood in 1995 — have looked out for each other from the time they were

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She emphasized that the law would change only the nurse-practitioners’ practice setting, not what they were allowed to do

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Tubal/peritoneal factors Or ignore - - and these health factors may be overlooked, unknown medical facility.

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What is also strange is that DMSO is so easily available and so absurdly inexpensive

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There are entire departments of chemists, biologists, and pharmacologists working for the United States Department of Defense

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Unfortunately it looks like Swift inherits most of Objective-C’s weird features.

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